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Sales Manager

Need help managing your sales team?  

Managing Weekly Sales Meetings

Coach/Mentor sales

Motivation and Strategy Sessions

Sales Playbooks including Competitive Analysis, SWOT, KPIs, ROI

Define and Build Customer Journey

Create Qualifying Assessments

Young Businesswomen
Key Account Manager

Increase your customer retention, improve customer satisfaction and close missed opportunities.

Conduct Customer Surveys

Improve Google Reviews and Add Testimonials

Increase and Retain Market Penetration and Sales

Improve Customer Relationships and Drive Growth

Public Speaker
Business Development Manager

Impact your company's profityability with adding more customers and streamline sales efforts.

Create Sales Target Lists

Drive Sales Campaigns

Qualify& Close Business Opportunities

Generate Leads with Sales Campaings

Develop and Deliver Presentations

Software Guru

Let's streamline your software.

Research and Evalature Software 

Assist in Implementation of Software

Collaborate with Existing Teams

Assist in Ongoing Training and Documentation

Successful Work Team
Sales Consulting

Start using consultive selling vs. transactional selling.

Coaching & Mentoring 

Build a Sales & Marketing Strategy

CRM Consulting


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