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Needs Assessment

During our first assessment, we will go through your business needs and assess what areas in your business you would like to grow.                   


We will uncover how you operate your organization and strategize a plan of action moving forward.

Qualifying Questions

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

Do you regularly call your existing customers to survey, receive testimonials,  and add to your Google reviews?
SR Sales Resource will devote time for this.
Are you motivating your sales team?
SR Sales Resource can create a plan for your business.
Is your software helping your productivity?
SR Sales Resource can analyze your software needs and help in this area.
Do you have a new product launch you'd like to test market?
SR Sales Resource will develop an action plan for your launch and assist in implementation.
Is your sales process in line with your customer journey?
SR Sales Resource helps your business align with your clients needs to make it easier for them to choose you above your competitors.
Do you find sales are missed because there is no follow up?
SR Sales Resource can make the follow up for you.

“Sidney was able to find a software that will meet and exceed our needs at an
affortable rate. We are thankful for all the time and effort that Sidney put into
helping our organization.”
Melissa Dalton
Program Director, Memory Matters